Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The List

Lazy Man Mug
One of our friends gave this to my husband last Christmas and I must say, it is not lazy enough. I thought I could leave it to stir on its own whilst I did something else, but no, you have to press and hold the button for it to do the job! I wonder if there’s a lazy jug somewhere so I don’t have to stir for the whole family. My husband referred to one good point for right-handed people: the print faces you.

In my wish list, I’ve included an egg beater from Argos costing £4.99. Instead I got this shiny new baby:
Kenwood Chef Classic

I would have moaned had I received only a kitchen gadget for Christmas. Seriously, it’s just an extra present, and far from the main present and so far it’s been doing a good job. Perhaps this will finally make my pan de sal dough rise.

My birthday is towards the end of January but having been born into a family who was not really the gift-giving kind, I haven’t felt as though the occasion was an extension of Christmas. This ultimately changed when I got married to someone who would have surprises all throughout my birthday month. Seven or so years ago, we had helped a friend search for a four-wheel drive. When he had found one that was below his budget, we joked he could have us spend the rest of the money. “What would you spend it on?” a female friend asked. A problem I had back then was I couldn’t think of anything MORE that I like and she countered that she had a list as long as her arm. A few years later, my in-laws suggested for us to make a wish list every Christmas. I put in a few books and DVDs but begged them to stick to the list. I kept adding to the list and lately, there was so much more, both in size and £££. I don’t know how I evolved into this. I miss myself without the list, but the strange thing is, the longer my list grows, the more I feel that I’m cutting down on what I already have by going for quality. I couldn’t help it that I’ve changed but I don’t forget there’s a more crucial job of not losing sight of what’s more important. On one hand, consumerism is mostly appalling; on the other hand, it won’t hurt to be sometimes grateful.

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