Friday, 13 February 2015

Quiet in the House

Measuring cups and spoons

black, green and blue wool blanket
My birthday present came early so I didn't expect anything else. He couldn't resist a birthday joke -- more kitchen stuff (pictured above) which I greatly appreciated because, well, they were tiny and wouldn't take a lot of room. When I had to measure using a cup, I just used one of our teacups. How in the world didn't I consider googling how much one cup really is (it''s 250 ml)? I just did whatever and would usually say, that would do. These measuring cups - brilliant. These measuring spoons range from 1/2 tsp to 1 tbsp - genius.

I also requested this British-made black, green and blue wool blanket. My idea for this blanket is, should I decide to create a hole in the middle and wear it like a coat (well, it’s a bit big, but couldn’t I cut it?) and since the Burberry blanket cape looks too pricey for what it is, why not have something wearable such as this blanket which fabric reminds me of one of the tartan coats worn by a certain Duchess?

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