Wednesday, 18 February 2015

“The Making of Harry Potter:” A Visit to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Diagon Alley, Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour London
Getting really comfy at Diagon Alley. Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour London.

It might not seem that obvious, as I've visited a lot of Harry Potter-related sites in the UK, but I don't consider myself a huge Harry Potter fan. I read the first book in 2000 and I haven't read anything in the series after that. If you know me, I would read anything, especially when I was much younger but for some reason, the first book just didn't entice me enough to look forward to the other ones. I do remember watching the first film at the cinema and being amazed with the way the Quidditch match was brought to screen. It was only when I permanently moved to England in 2007 that I started watching all the films that I had missed. I still watch them when I catch them on the telly or watch the non-scary parts of 1 and 2 with my daughter time and again. I like the early films/stories only because they are not that dark, yet. But dark or not, there is something about these films that makes me happy, living in England and all.

So I guess our recent visit to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter was a perfect fit to what I know about the stories. I know them as the films, not the books. I might read the books with my daughter someday so there is no rush in that, meanwhile, I was left in awe after seeing all the love and work put together to bring these stories to life.

Harry Potter Glenfinnan Viaduct Broomstick Warner Bros. Tour London
I wrote about our visit over at Fine Books & Collections. "For our first visit to Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, “The Making of Harry Potter,” we thought it would be quite an experience to also see Hogwarts in the snow. Weekend tickets for this seasonal event appeared to be sold out. We checked for changes every week and finally saw an availability for January 31. (One thing about visiting the studios is you can’t just turn up and buy tickets; another is, since it’s mostly a self-guided tour, it’s best to get a morning slot so as not to feel rushed as there is so much to take in. Visitors do stay around for hours and so afternoons can get really crowded.)." Read more here

"...our daughter was surprisingly cooperative during the broomstick flight experience that we did pay for the photos and video as souvenirs (convincing ourselves that we wouldn’t be able to get this anywhere else, and considering that she is under five and was admitted to the tour for free). Watch the video here.

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