Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The Strawberry Thief

Strawberry Thief Liberty Mi-Pac flanked by Givenchy Nightingale and Avoca lambswool throw
Love from London, Paris and Dublin (Strawberry Thief Liberty Mi-Pac flanked by
Givenchy Nightingale and Avoca autumnal colours
lambswool throw).
When I saw the Strawberry Thief Liberty Mi-Pac, I thought I found the perfect nappy bag. What's more, it was offered at a reduced price on the Liberty of London website. I quickly ordered it. My order was confirmed but I didn't hear anymore till eight days later. Whenever I checked the status of my order on their website, it gave me the impression that the bag had been dispatched. Eight days later, I received a note that the product was out of stock. It took them that long to send an apology you would have thought -- without using the hypocritical 'gesture of goodwill' -- that they had a better offer (like a discounted Liberty mini suitcase perhaps??!). Being familiar with the store but never having bought from them before, I simply wrote back to convey my disappointment. That was three weeks ago and I'm not surprised they didn't reply to that, either. I know they are an iconic brand but heard that they've lost it in recent years. I managed to buy the bag from another store. I quite like the "strawberry thief" design. Reminds me of the "sleep thief" print we ironed on our daughter's babygrow shortly after she was born.
Avoca macintosh Liberty of London fabric
Christmas 2014 and four months pregnant -- one of my presents from Mike last Christmas is this lovely Macintosh from my favourite Irish brand, Avoca. It is made of Liberty of London coated fabric, and thank heavens not sold by Liberty or maybe I would not have received the coat, either.

Liberty of London alley
That alley outside the Liberty store in London last December.
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