Monday, 4 January 2016

Wands, walkie-talkies, interferences

The other day I was feeding sprog no. 2, tried to lift his head and said, “you’ve got pear under your chin.” Sprog. no. 1 (Little M), who just had her tea, was in the next room, and shouted, “Or chins! He has three.” She’s exaggerating. Her brother has only two chins :) Lately, she and I have had a very rocky relationship. She picks up lots of things from school, including the bad ones. My temper isn’t exactly the tamest, either. One minute we’re shouting at each other, the next we’re all lovey-dovey. I even had to find articles on how to handle defiant five-year-olds. Still, someday, when you have a minute or two to spare, I recommend you to adopt a five-year-old.
Pink Motorola TLKR T41 Walkie Talkies
Sprog No. 1 wanted pink walkie-talkies for Christmas.
You would guess it’s enough that she easily picks up conversations from the next room. No, she wanted to always be in the loop. She included walkie-talkies in her wish list for Christmas. Like a true child from the ‘10s, she likes Frozen but unlike most, she likes only Anna. I found Frozen walkie-talkies but they were Anna and Elsa and Olaf, plus they were in purple, not pink which is her favourite colour. Mike found a pair of Motorola walkie-talkies in pink and got those instead. They’re up to a 4km range. He set them up on Christmas morning and just before lunch, we could hear another little girl who seemed to have gotten hers as a Christmas present as well. We heard her dad but after sometime the little girl just kept calling him and the brother but they seemed too busy to answer back. Little M almost contacted her but we decided not to, lest it might freak the girl out. Later we could still hear the little girl on the line that we decided to switch channels.

The Harry Potter Remote Control Wand
She also wanted a wand. That works. In pink.
What Little M wanted from Father Christmas was a pink wand that works. O-kay, we said when we heard this. My ever-reliable husband found a Harry Potter Remote Control Wand It’s not in pink so I just told Little M that maybe she could just accessorise it with a pink bow, the way I convinced her of a natural colour mid-sleeper bed and just accessorise with pink sheets, duvet, pillow and bunting (my trick for when she outgrows the bed and it can be passed on to her little brother). The wand is cool and in my opinion worth the money compared to the expensive WB souvenirs which point I have yet to discover. Mike set up the wand with no problem but later when Little M used it, she shouted all the spells she knows (alohomora, lumos maxima, wingardium leviosa, expecto patronum) and I think she was disappointed that they ALL WORKED to do the same thing, that is to switch the light on and off. She was pleased with the swishing and flicking, though, which was good, as Mike originally set it to do the stabbing movement: very unbecoming of a good witch, I thought. Little M tried it on the other appliances but I told her, “I think it works only for the lights” as we haven’t programmed it to do other things. It has been working fine but one has to be very careful because it interferes with the dimmer switches and living in a very old house with creaking floorboards and all, it really gets creepy when the light just switches on and off without warning. Also, taking the wand out and putting it back into the case is not very straightforward, as it fits perfectly and tends to be really tight. 

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