Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Great British Sewing Bee Series 4 (BBC)

The new look 1950s dresses Great British Sewing Bee 2015
The "New Look" - 1950s dresses. Image from The Great British Sewing Bee 2015 (BBC)
I’m glad it’s back! It’s one of the shows I religiously watch since the first series in 2013. It is very addicting. I understand why it’s not as popular as The Great British Bake Off as not everybody is into sewing. It does depend on the person, I guess, I just realised this about myself: I don’t like cooking as much as I do sewing and writing because the last two I do mostly for myself and I am not pressured when I do them. Whereas I cook to feed my family and as much as I know that my husband will never criticise my cooking, I still get stressed out when at times my children don’t want to eat my food – I know it’s nothing personal, though, as my children are very picky and always want to be entertained even when eating. Speaking of cooking, another show I watched last year was “The Great British Menu.” I caught only the last few episodes (although the series is shown online for a limited time) but I stuck with it till the end because of chef Matt Gillan. Google him :)

I enjoy sewing but I haven’t really worked harder on it. Whatever I understand of it only roots from watching my dressmaker-aunt who used to make all my clothes until she moved to the US in 2003. Even today my sewing is still amateurish at best as I am not patient enough to use patterns or pins. It is one of those things you should do for hours and hours (which I haven’t got) till you perfect it, unless you already have the talent. I love clothes but at the same time I don’t want to be judged for what I wear as sometimes I do love to look polished, other times I love torn shirts and boyfriend jeans. At the academe where I used to work, colleagues teased one another on very rare occasions when they had to wear suits. They usually come to work casual; during summers, those at the lab wear shorts to work! I loved that atmosphere.

Back to The Great British Sewing Bee, I find myself always cheering for the underdogs although I find all the contestants fun to watch. I could only recall one contestant I didn’t root for in a previous series as she appeared rude to the host (maybe it was her way of making jokes so maybe it’s just me) whenever the latter checked out her work and suggested what the judges might like. And then she really showed in her expression that she wasn’t pleased when the others were being praised. All those sneaky looks at what the others were sewing... I don’t know, maybe she’s just the victim of cheeky editing.

I clearly remember series 3 as there were five males (one of whom was a soldier) and five females and most of the men actually stayed on as the women got eliminated. Series four looks fun so far, with a new judge to boot. Something to look forward to every week!

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