Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Interview with Volcano Diamond Press

Manila-based Kapampangan writer and poet Xenia-Chloe Villanueva, curator of Volcano Diamond Press, sent me a request for an interview. The website features neat stuff from my home province so I was more than happy to oblige. I grab almost every opportunity for me and my family to experience anything cultural that comes our way but I must admit that the Philippine literary scene has been more vibrant than ever in recent years, possibly because of the internet, and I regret I didn’t get to experience this all those times that I lived there. If I could put it this way, it is very clear that no number of visits to James Joyce’s grave in Zurich would make up for the fact that I’m missing my family and friends; missing lots of fantastic books being launched in my home country, those festivals and the chance to meet those great people who share the same hopes and ideas. You could read the full interview here.

Catherine Batac Walder interview with Volcano Diamond Press
Screenshot of Volcano Diamond Press where my interview page appears - that's a photo of me (left), with apples in my skirt.

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