Sunday, 27 November 2016

A Fairy Garden

Walder The Gaslight House A fairy garden
A fairy garden or meadow? Trimmed it a little bit (bottom right photo), hope it doesn't get angry.

Mike travels so much for work and ever the doting husband and father, he has to bring home presents for us, it's just his nature. Cheeky little M now expects something whenever the dad is back from a trip. So cheeky is she that even if it's obvious I'm her favourite and would cuddle me first before her dad, whenever he is away, M would always say she misses her daddy and wishes he was home. I would tell her then that she was only looking forward to a present. I, the ever practical one, took note of her wants and suggested to Mike that if I get them on the internet in advance, we could pretend that they were presents back from her daddy's trips. That way, we are very sure we are getting her something from her wish list and not just some random present that would just be forgotten the next day, although that’s mostly the case about her stuff (sorry M if you will read this in the future, but you know we love you any which way we show it).

This fairy garden (in photo) was one of those presents we pretended Mike got from Bulgaria or Serbia or France, see I couldn't even remember now as he was away a lot recently. It took months before we got to assemble and plant it, specifically on Halloween, as you would see it beside our carved pumpkin, courtesy of Mike. As it is an indoor garden we thought it would be all right planting it towards the end of autumn. Well, I didn't believe it would grow, to be honest, as I don't remember ever successfully growing anything from seeds. But we started seeing the grass only after a week. It is really sweet.

Less than two weeks after we planted it, the whole garden was a meadow and I decided to trim it a little bit, insisting to M that her lazy fairy wouldn't mow the lawn (bottom right photo) and just hoped that it wouldn't get angry and stop growing. I've trimmed it two more times since and so far it's still growing.

Included in the box were a fairy garden bowl, fairy and mouse figurines, oyster shell, sparkly cottage, clothes line with posts and pegs (I replaced them with the coloured ones I've got), carpet for the cottage, grass seed, coloured gravel, mushroom, flowers and dust (again I've added some more of these stars and moon from my own supply). The kit has some negative reviews online, mostly due to the fact that there were a lot of items broken or missing. I guess we were lucky to have got a fairly good kit.

We bought our own compost and every day when we check, it is a bit dry so we try to remember to keep it moist. So far the garden is doing fine and our little girl is happy. If you plan to get one, do so and enjoy it, and don't be afraid to give it a drink!

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