Monday, 5 December 2016

A Certificate for Completing Last Week's School Runs

My six-year-old woke me today with a Certificate for Completing Last week's School Runs. Mike was away in Stuttgart the week before last and he probably did a couple of school runs. Last week, he was in London and he was exempted from all school runs. The certificate reads, "Mummy did do all the school runs this week. And she werks hard for me and makes lemen and honey to make me beter. All about Mummy." I like her attempt at joined up writing, and the cute way she writes "e"s for her "o"s. It touched me that she remembered the lemons and honey which I made two times a day to soothe her coughing. I don't remember writing notes to my mother when I was little, I who've always loved writing, but my daughter writes us all love notes any chance she gets. It's just the way she is.
Walder certificate for completing weekly school run
M's certificate for me (independent writing)

Whilst I understand why most mums enjoy school runs (anything for a cup of coffee and a natter), I find it very taxing to the point that I always look for an excuse not to do it. But that's not the reality of life. It seems that school runs are part of my responsibility being a stay-at-home mum. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining or anything and sometimes the rush is partly my fault as I myself also take ages to prepare. What I could do is just to have better planning to prepare myself, urge M to have her breakfast and change without a lot of shouting and finally, also get the toddler ready.

Walder walking to school Scandinavian style University of Oslo Norway
And here I am in the school walks that I loved - as a
graduate student at the University of Oslo in
Norway a decade ago.
Do I deserve this certificate? Absolutely haha. I took the kids to the longer route most of the time, in minus temperatures, not on the busy main road with all the footpaths covered in piles of leaves that make it difficult to push the buggy. On one day last week, I also dragged poor H to town to get the rest of a prescription from Boots, only to be told that it hasn't arrived yet. In addition to this, M has judo and Rainbows (girl guides) on Tuesdays. Her schedule is such that she goes straight to judo from class. I get her tea ready and together with her brother, pick her up at 16.10. Rainbows is held at 17.00 at the pastoral centre just behind her school (either past the churchyard or the footpath). When we started doing this in September, it was all right for her and her brother to have a little picnic at the graveyard. Now it has gotten cold and dark and tea is moved to the bench outside the pastoral centre, with lantern and all.

Me and my dislike for random walks without an intended destination. Has my weekly target been reached? Ticked.

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