Tuesday, 20 December 2016

A School Art Exhibition with Mini Master Works

The Gaslight House Colourful Trees painting by M, age 6
The print of M's original artwork that she called "Colourful Trees"
Copyright 2016.
On the first week of December, M's school held an art exhibit featuring the works of all students from all year levels. Each work was a print of the child's original work of art (and I joked that the orginals are now probably being exhibited in Japan). A group called Mini Master Works organised the said event in which families of the artists were able to buy the works on display.

The school and the other people involved did a lot of planning and preparation that culminated in this. First, a photographer came in to give the children photography tips. Then on November 1st, the whole school went on a field trip, each of the different year levels going to different mystery destinations (which also meant the kids didn't stay up late during Halloween). The children had their cameras (or ones lent by the school) to document the trip and choose their best photos for a competition judged by the photographer guest. A week later, a prestigious National Trust artist came in to teach the children how to transform their photographs into paintings.

The school hall was transformed into an art gallery, and I would say all the pieces were impressive and made each child very proud of their work.

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