Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Happy Christmas!

Today was the last day of classes for M this year and I might not have time to post this! Below is M, age six, singing "Sing a Rainbow."

The Gaslight House children with colds
teary-eyed, red noses, children with colds. And amazing how you see them changing, from the first couple of eyelashes appearing a few days after birth, to now when one of them is very feisty, the other always stroppy...
The Gaslight House, capes, red riding hood
Riding Hood (walks through the graveyard during school runs, easier when we don't have a pushchair).

The Gaslight House pink ride on train, loft bedroom, attic
Boy on a pink ride on train (M's bedroom).

The Gaslight House woolly socks, pyjamas, Christmas tree, dolls house, cottage life
woolly socks, pyjama days, cottage life

The Gaslight House playtime with toddler, little boy
He and I, this is what we do all day :-D

The Gaslight House playtime with toddler, little boy

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