Friday, 16 December 2016

The Law That Commands Everything To Go Wrong

The Gaslight House Bull Boxer shoes Esprit socks
On days like this, I just vote to wear something colourful.
The last few days were like those days.

I guess it's a busy time for everyone as well, and they become a catalyst to your day going wrong. Like a toy shop sending you the wrong item, from Italy, and it's supposed to be a Christmas present. Or you weren't home to receive a parcel that is a present for your husband and he received it, the box indicating what's inside, even after you asked the seller to be discreet. Or your daughter tripping over on the way to school in the morning, another sore knee, just before busy after-school clubs in judo and Rainbows. And so on.
The Gaslight House Guinness surger Bailey's Irish drinks
Or at night, cuddles and Guinness (thank you, surger)
and Bailey's in their proper glasses in bed whilst
watching a film.

You just want to go to sleep, worried that another unlucky thing will make it through your day.

But then I think to myself, are these my worries, seriously?

And I just say, thank you, thank you, for repairable worries. Please stay that way.

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