Monday, 9 January 2017

Organising, cataloguing my library library classic books modern fiction
Typical room in a Victorian cottage :-p, i.e., our study
It has been my goal to organise my books, currently kept all over the house. This has been long overdue and I suppose it's a good way to start the year. Like any project, I can't just sit down and do this for one day so I shall work over a period of time. library classic books modern fiction

This shelf (some you see in twos)
are books/magazines that I’ve got a story
or essay in. I haven't written fiction in years.
I've got over 700 books left in the Philippines, acquired in my teens and early 20s. I believe I accumulated a lot of excellent titles, and not only for that age group. A lot of the books I have here in England belonged to my husband's grandfather, plenty of classics, so most of them are very old, and possibly rare. I'm not an expert but this might be a way to know. The modern editions are ones I collected since moving to Europe more than a decade ago, a lot of which are signed first editions.

I know what I've got but I haven't really got a list of the whole collection so this is my chance to maybe get rid of some books to make room for new ones. Another thing is my daughter is starting to read bigger books so it's time to literally get those Dickens down (they are high above the shelf).

I intend to photograph every book and/or every volume. I might also photograph the copyright page. I will document my progress over at instagram (apologies in advance to those who started following me, I'll crowd your feeds with pictures of books and related memorabilia). I hope to post every day. I'll probably put the books in boxes after photographing them and when all are accounted for, return them back to the shelves by author from A-Z. This is going to be a challenge as we don't have enough shelves.

My url is I'm very excited as I have neglected lots of hobbies since starting my own family, always thinking, someday, someday, when I have time. But you know what, one will never have time, you just have to make room. Join me, it's going to be fun! library classic books modern fiction
Some volumes of classic books that once belonged to my husband's grandfather.
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