Tuesday, 30 May 2017

At Cliveden, rolling down a hill

I refrained from calling this entry "How to roll down a hill" as I'm not an expert on the subject. Anyway, it's been ages since I've done this. What I remember is if I raised my arm, I wouldn't go very fast. Please excuse bossy Hermione Granger, err, my daughter, talking in the background.

Except for M who's been to Cliveden with her class last December in a field trip that culminated in a school art exhibit, it was all our first time to visit the estate. Mike and M went into the maze and whilst waiting, I overheard this guy just coming out with his family thanking another guy for "saving their lives." He said it was so hot and they got so bored he was ready to give someone else a fiver to help them get out. Then in the middle of the maze, there was some sort of memorial and he feared they were for all the people who didn't make it out of the maze alive. He was just joking, of course.

We had a very relaxing afternoon just walking around and lying on the grass. The gardens overlook the River Thames - this is why I remember the area, because of its proximity to the river, and how we'd gone there whilst house-hunting in 2011. Cliveden is in Maidenhead, some 37 minutes drive from where we live. For more than 300 years it was home to dukes, earls, viscounts and for a while, a prince. A glittering hub of society, Cliveden hosted exclusive parties and political gatherings, later becoming infamously associated with the Profumo Affair.

Cliveden National Trust gaslighthouse.blogspot.co.uk
(Left photo) Cliveden is NOT Jane Austen’s inspiration for Pemberley, I just thought it'd make a good book photograph. "Death Comes to Pemberley” by PD James is the murder-mystery sequel to Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice,” set six years into the marriage of Darcy and Elizabeth. Shown on the book cover are Matthew Rhys and Anna Maxwell Martin who portrayed them in the 2013 BBC adaptation. 

Cliveden National Trust gaslighthouse.blogspot.co.uk
 I live here only half the time now whilst they’re doing repairs, can’t you tell I just got out of bed???! 
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  1. We've never been! Hahaha. I thought it was M who was rolling down the hill until you mentioned that she was the one talking in the video. So cute! Well done Catherine. I declare you the champion of hill rolling! ;) I'd probably bounce off, since I'm so round now ;)

    1. lol, thanks Dean, really got dizzy after that one go, and it wasn't even that steep! xx


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