Friday, 30 June 2017

The Jemima Project Jemima Puddle-duck Beatrix Potter Steiff scarfI love Jemima Puddle-duck, she must be my favourite Beatrix Potter character. She is both polite and foolish. I don't think she is completely gullible and she is not completely nice at all - yes she is unsuspecting when someone is nice to her, but she stands up for herself to those who are not.

I'm not sure who my daughter's favourite Beatrix Potter character is. When I showed her our picture at Beatrix's house from that 2014 trip, she vaguely remembered it (she was three years and 10 months). But she did remember something vividly, she said, "but I'd like to go back there, I'd like to go back to the shop, that's where I got Jemima Puddle-duck!" Jemima Puddle-duck Beatrix Potter Steiff scarf
I completed this upcycled scarf project years ago but as I've been sharing Beatrix Potter-themed photos on instagram, I just thought of writing about it here. I saw a Jemima Puddle-duck Steiff (pictured above, right) during my post-soft toy obsession. So that time, I was more interested in having the scarf than the duck.

The fringe reminded me of the cushion cover project we did back in primary school. In fact, I used exactly the same colour yarn for my cushion case. Like any project I'd done in the past that could get very tedious, I did this whilst binge-watching a TV series with my husband. I didn't know what I was thinking. Surely, I wouldn't use this scarf? I did it more for M, really. But in the end and knowing how long it took me to do that fringe, I wouldn't let her use the scarf without supervision! Jemima Puddle-duck Beatrix Potter Steiff scarf

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