Friday, 21 July 2017

Another school year ends Victorian schoolhouse Berkshire England
The picture above is of M's primary school (not my photo). The building on the left is the original structure  built in 1862. I'm very proud of this school. And as a lifelong admirer of anything Victoriana, for my daughter to go to a school founded in the Victorian era (and for us to live in a Victorian house) were all the stuff that my dreams were made of ❤

I thought I would cry only for the end of Reception year (kindergarten to some of us) because that was it, the end of the first year of school. But it seems I will do this every year now. I look at M's work and see pictures of her teacher dressed as Florence Nightingale asking them for ideas of a perfect hospital and that will probably always bring a tear or two. It's only been yesterday when they started Year 1 (1st grade or Grade 1 to some of us) and now it's come and gone.

I don't remember crying or being emotional when primary school ended. It was the same for my parents who probably met my teachers four times or less, whenever the report cards were given out. Here I see the teachers or talk to them almost everyday, it's just an entirely different culture, I guess, and you feel this attachment and it's really painful when it ends. It is hard as I am a very sensitive person and I could imagine myself always thinking of the past, and losing sleep over this. Hadrian's Wall
(left photo) There we were, standing on Hadrian's Wall, just a few days before her third birthday. We were lucky to kind of plan what age gap we'd like for our children to have. To be closer or far apart in age each has its own advantages. It might be selfish but I liked it that I got to spend a lot of time with M first; and to have those milestones at a different time with H is just amazing. A friend who's got older kids said she liked them the most when they were 0-3. I have to agree, I love them to bits at any age, but these were (or are, in case of my younger one), the best yearsThey said that once they start school, the years will go by in a flash. When I think about it, the reason for my sadness about school ending is more about time passing quickly than anything else. Their sudden independence is almost heartbreaking.

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