Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Harry Potter Turns 20 (article in Fine Books Autumn 2017 print edition)

Harry Potter 20th anniversary Levi Pinfold Fine Books and Collections
We had been away for three and a half weeks gallivanting across Europe so now I'm a bit behind in some writing projects but here's an output. Just received my contributor's copy of the autumn edition of Fine Books and Collections. I've got an article about the Harry Potter 20th anniversary celebrations. I also interviewed Harry Potter 20th anniversary illustrator Levi Pinfold and here's more from that interview published recently on Fine Books and Collections online.

CBW: How are these Harry Potter illustrations different/similar to the work that you usually do?

LP: Normally I don’t work in line, so it was a pleasure to use some ink for a change.

CBW: Related to question 1, did you look at existing illustrations or did you try not to?

LP: I tried to stay away from existing material during the time I worked on the pictures. I found myself looking more to Albrecht Dürer etchings and other work from Renaissance artists for inspiration. I’ve since allowed myself to leaf through Jim Kay’s amazing work on the major illustrated editions, though.

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