Saturday, 16 September 2017

No, Blogarama, you CANNOT do that

***If you see this entire post on, then they have uploaded it without my permission. In fact, you should not see even just the name of my blog there anymore as I have asked to be removed from their directory weeks ago.***

Last year, I submitted my blog to blogarama not realising that they are not just a directory anymore. Recently, I noticed that they've been indexing my posts with the full content making it appear as though the posts originated from blogaramaEven the url to my blog, when clicked, just redirects to what seemed like a muddled page on their own website. In fact, all supposed links to my blog, when clicked, just redirected to another blogarama page. 

So obviously, I wasn't very happy. The most upsetting thing is I do not just blog. I have to really think carefully about my posts, taking a long while before I can find time to blog about a recent event. And because of this blogaramkerfuffle, the time that was meant for writing posts was spent filing a complaint against a website for copyright infringement! 

I found a page of my blog on blogarama containing nine posts. It seemed I couldn't find my posts in one place but when I googled specific sentences and added blogarama, I found 24 in all. There could be more. Blogarama copyright infringement
The screenshot above is the list of my posts. even now,
when I search their site for my blog, this appears. 
No, I put the X myself.

I have written to their host provider for them to contact blogarama about my complaint. They immediately removed my posts but the list of some of the titles are still there. The screenshot on the right is the list of my posts. even now, when I search their site for my blog, this appears. I didn't bring this up anymore, anyway, when you click on any link, they're gone. As it is very difficult to contact anyone on their website, I just have to continue monitoring if they are still copying my articles illegally. 

I guess the biggest lesson here is to research a directory properly first if you'd like to submit your website to them. 

Have you experienced the same about your blog? Feel free to comment or message me if you'd like to know further about my experience filing a complaint on

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