Saturday, 21 October 2017

Back to Blackbushe Blackbushe Airport Yateley Common Surrey Hampshire
Woke up to the sound of rain today, which is lovely and comforting when you're just at home with family. We love to explore but our two young children are also the type who would stay in bed with us on a rainy day like this (yup, that includes having breakfast in bed, building Lego and watching reruns of 60-minute makeover till lunch - I like watching this show as I like being horrified at what they could do to people's houses in 60 minutes, then I could also tell my husband, never, never do that to our house!). Blackbushe Airport Yateley Common Surrey HampshireI mentioned in a previous post how we hadn't gone to Blackbushe Airport in about three years, well, we came back the day after just to have M practise on her cycling skills.

Whilst the space is so convenient for her to just cycle around, the tarmac is a pretty rough surface to fall on once we take off her stabilisers and she works on her balance. We saw this when H fell, it didn't look like a hard fall but he had blood on the side of his nose and right temple when we got him up. Blackbushe Airport Yateley Common Surrey HampshireThere were three youth motorbike learners when we arrived. They were all right; there was a large group of them, like a family and relatives together. A few minutes later, though, a police car and another policeman on a bicycle arrived. They spoke to the youths and their families and then they all left. We
assumed they were told off for riding their motorcycles there.

It was not easy to cycle on the uneven path from the nearest parking area to the runway but Little Miss-I-don't-want-to-ride-my-bike just took off once we got to the runway.

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