Saturday, 23 December 2017

Crossing the Arctic Circle in Summer Arctic Circle Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi Finnish Lapland reindeerIt's Christmas Eve tomorrow so I'm sharing this old Christmas article accompanied by these even older pictures about my summer visit to the Arctic Circle and Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi (Finnish Lapland). "Before we entered Santa Claus’s office, we passed pictures of him in the hallway. Xiao, after looking at the pictures, said, “There are two Santas, one with big eyes and one with small eyes.” She said one looked more real and she hoped he was the one we met that day. I don’t remember if she thought the one with the big eyes or the other one looked more real – right at that moment, I wanted to cry. I was going through the feeling of being seven or eight, defending Santa’s existence to my playmates, and then one early Christmas morning catching my aunt putting presents in our shoes, which we used instead of stockings." Continue reading here for the full article, a Christmassy read, and a few more pictures, including the warmest shoes in the world made from reindeer's ears.

Eyeshot has been publishing online pieces since 1995. It went on hiatus shortly after my Lapland article was published and it has been publishing on and off since. It was known for the rejections sent by editor Lee Klein to unaccepted submissions. I just checked and there's actually a compilation of these rejections available on Amazon, Thanks and Sorry and Good Luck: Rejections from the Eyeshot Outbox (paperback published 2014). As much as I would have loved to receive one of his rejections which I heard were mostly educational and hilarious, I'm glad he approved of my article (I'd submitted only once). Arctic Circle Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi Finnish Lapland reindeer Arctic Circle Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi Finnish Lapland reindeer

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