Friday, 8 December 2017

In search of an "heirloom" advent calendar Kaemingk gingerbread house advent calendar Mould & Paint Glitter Princess
I think it was at the Roald Dahl Museum Shop last year that I saw a Gisela Graham gingerbread house ornament. I loved it but sometimes you just wish for ornaments to be useful as well. I thought it'd be great to have a gingerbread house advent calendar, one that we could reuse every year. I thought it would also save us time making gingerbread houses, because, well, it's already there. On the other hand, with kids, you never make it an intent to save time - you SPEND time with them. To make a gingerbread house is not about the end result itself, rather the fun of making it with them. Still, I wanted a wooden gingerbread house advent calendar, and that's that!

I searched far and wide, i.e., online, bookmarked a lot of advent calendar trains (very predictable) but couldn't find anything with boxes big enough to fit two bits of sweets/chocolates for two children. Images on Google led me to ones sold by Fortnum & Mason, and I thought, now that's more like it, if I'd like an heirloom advent calendar, F&M must be a good place to look. I know the challenge here would be the price but in the end, this wasn't even what had put me off. The F&M advent calendars looked too... grown-up, formal, stiff.. even a bit dark, I thought. I also thought that getting an advent calendar with the intention of reusing it, you'd want to at least save some money instead of buying the disposable ones every year. So I was back to where I started, a gingerbread house advent calendar and I found this one (in photo above) from Kaemingk. That it made it through the post in one, perfect piece was amazing to me that I didn't mind that the boxes were a bit smaller than I would have liked.

*** Kaemingk gingerbread house advent calendar Mould & Paint Glitter Princess
M's Christmas jar that won the best decorated jar in Key
Stage 1 (Reception, Years 1 and 2) at their school
Just a note about the other objects in the photo above. There are the mini Christmas tree and gingerbread hearts for the kids to decorate (both from our lovely neighbour). My daughter brought home that Mould & Paint Glitter Princess prize last week, proudly announcing that she won the best decorated jam jar in Key Stage 1 (Reception, Years 1 and 2). I was so happy for her as she did the jam jar mostly on her own. I volunteered to print stencils to help her with the design but she insisted she would paint her own.

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