Sunday, 28 January 2018

A reading chair, finally! Trianon chair in natural linen Graham & Greene Olivia Palermo's New York apartment
On the right is a picture of our Trianon button back tub chair in natural linen from Graham & Green. I took a random book from my shelf to photograph and realised only after taking the photo that it was Graham Greene's The Power and the Glory (published in 1940; mine is a 1941 edition, originally from my husband's grandad's collection. Shame I never met him, it seems we have the same taste in books, and interestingly, this is one of the few books I don't have in my Portable Graham Greene which I had left in the Philippines).

We bought this linen chair for the reading corner in our bedroom. It looks like an offspring of the two big Chiswick button back armchairs in our study (see fireplace photo below), bought from the same company some two years ago. I gave up on the dream of a built-in wardrobe and a window seat. I miss my uncles who are carpenters and who would have easily built these for me. Here, it is just too costly to hire carpenters. We've ordered another made-to-measure bookshelf from our go-to furniture-makers in Yorkshire and it should come in about six weeks.

For many years now, I've had this picture of Olivia Palermo's chair in her New York apartment (bottom left insert) in my computer files. I would often hint to the husband to have the same chair made for me. He wasn't a fan of Miss Palermo's chair, saying something like it looks wonky and won't be comfortable. We both agreed on the linen chair we got and I'm happy that he's also pleased with it as he insists Miss Palermo's chair looks silly. Chiswick armchair Graham & Green wood burning stove
The chair was delivered last Friday, there was a lot of fuss over the delivery slot, 12 noon to 4pm. I told the delivery company it was fine, but that I would be out for approx. 30 minutes for school run within the given slot. Husband said he wouldn't be home, so I asked a friend to pick M up from school but after making all the arrangements, Mike said he'd be home after all. We waited the first three hours and they didn't come and I said I was sure they'd come during school run, which was what happened. We had all four hours, I was gone for 10 minutes, and they delivered within those 10 minutes (within those minutes I chatted with another mum I've known for a few years now, and I led our conversation to meat for some reason, and then she told me she's vegetarian). No complaints as Mike was home to receive the chair, but it was very typical of life, that someone would come knocking when you were not at home (an analogy you could apply to more serious situations). It's the direct opposite of when you randomly pick a Graham Greene book to photograph on a Graham & Green chair.

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