Friday, 20 April 2018

M wins art competition art competition secret life of the woods school Berkshire England
A few days ago I received an email then a phone call from M’s school inviting me to attend Friday’s assembly as she will receive an award for an Art and Poetry competition, topic was “The Secret Life of the Woods.” I had no idea they had such competition so I asked M about it. I pretended I saw some parents talking about it on Facebook as she might guess that she won if I knew about it — the school always contacts us for such awards/recognition intending for them to be a surprise on the day. The poetry and art works were unnamed, meaning the pupils across all year levels voted for everyone’s works without knowing whose work it was they voted for. There was an overall winner who won a trophy, the start of an award named after the late grandfather of one of the pupils; he helped in the school a lot and they raised funds and would give this award every year in his memory. All the winning works were displayed afterwards in the hall. I love how inspiring M’s school is and really pushes the pupils to give their very best. It was voted the School of the Year in 2017, not just in primary, but among all the schools in the entire borough. A while back, I told my husband that the other school near us (about the same distance as M’s school from our house, if not nearer, but to the other direction) is also an excellent school. But husband, said, hah, but it’s not the School of the Year is it?

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